Research Management Cell


The Research Management Cell (RMC) was established on 14nd Kartik, 2078 with the goal of promoting and enhancing the quality of the school’s research capabilities. The Research Management Cell (RMC) is a research center under Crimson College of Technology which aims to develop a culture of quality research among the students. In order to promote and strengthen the research capacity, the key activities performed by the RMC are offering faculty research grants, organizing research workshops and training, providing research resources and facilities to faculties and students, and coordinating the overall research activities of the school. Further, the students link their research activities to studies through field visits with the aim to fulfill the partial requirement of their studies.

The RMC carries out its operations as per the Pokhara University’s RMC guidelines formulated. 

Responsibilities of RMC

The key roles and responsibilities of the RMC are:

  • To equip the Research Management Cell with the necessary infrastructure, reading materials, reference materials, research journals, software, and educational equipment.
  • To create an amicable research environment in School close coordination with the University Grants Commission and other research-related organizations in order to encourage faculty, student, and staff in research activities.
  • To organize seminars, training, interaction, workshop, and colloquium to improve the research quality, disseminate the research findings, and establish a good relationship among similar organizations.
  • To prepare the research proposal and submit it to different organizations for collaborative and institutional research.
  • To promote the culture of research among the faculties and research.
  • To organize training, workshops, and seminars aimed at developing the research skills of the faculties and students.
  • To publish the journal of the school regularly following a stringent peer-review process.           
  • To collaborate with Pokhara University Research Centre, industries, and other organizations for the research activities.
  • To coordinate the Faculty Research Grants Committee, Graduate Research Project Committee, Project Works Committee, and other research-related activities of the college, get feedback on a regular basis.


 The committee comprises 5 members including the coordinator.

Dr. Ramesh Bhandari (Coordinator)
Mr. Abdul Hak (Member)
Mr. Abdul Hak (Member)
Mr. Mukesh Kumar Chaudhary (Member)
Mr. Balram Neupane (Member)