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At, CCT, you will receive an excellent education in classes. Most of our college credit courses are fully transferable to any college or any University across and beyond the country.

All of the non-teaching staff at CCT strives to ensure you to maximize the learning opportunities offered by the professors in our classrooms and laboratories CCT has started its own hospital under the name Crimson Hospital at Manigram for better practical exposure of our students.

When we started CCT in 2000 AD. We had a dream of IT and management College in Butwal. Today I am very happy that the dream Has turned to reality because we are running four undergraduate programs (BCA, BCIS, BBA,B. Pharm and B.Sc. MLT) in IT, management and Health Area.We have world class faculty, which is fully equipped with all the latest instructional technologies, to accompany the excellence in education provided by our faculty. We invite all the prospective students to join CCT and be part of modern Nepal.

With Thanks

Durga Prasad Pandey


I am glad you are considering BBA, BCA, BCIS, B. Pharm. and B.Sc. MLT programs of Crimson College of Technology to further higher education in IT, Management and Health Career. It is our pride and pleasure that we have successfully passed ten years with abundant outcome, which we named as “Crimson Shining Stars”, who are enjoying their career in the reputed institutions of the country and around the world.

As 21st century is known as the age of IT and Management education, there is no doubt that all the programs of CCT are demanding and rewarding. Our sole mission is to promote latest programs with scholarly acquisitions, transmission, application and presentation of knowledge through teaching, training, counseling and the research of international standard.

Hence, the college not only believes in imparting quality education but also spotlights on preparing competent and trustworthy citizens. This is done by offering a positive and holistic approach to education. Online Library, trained and result-oriented faculty members, regular visiting faculties of experts and globally recognized courses are our outstanding assets. CCT is now recognized as “A” grade college in employment.

Finally, I invite you to sharpen your potentials for bright future career with us, here in CCT.

Devi Bhandari

Academic Programs

B.Pharmacy Program  is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program that prepares students with the skills and knowledge effective delivery of pharmaceutical care and the ability to proceed to research. It helps to make Pharmacists concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control.

Among the Health Care Professionals, Pharmacist has the key role not only in manufacturing, quality control, storage and dispensing of drugs but also in patient counseling, clinical therapeutic drug monitoring and Hospital Pharmacy.

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Medical Laboratory Technology is one of the largest and most important professions that provide allied health care. A Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Lab Technology is a four-year degree that prepares a student to take a job as a clinical laboratory scientist (technologist) upon graduation or to further their education by entering medical or dental school.

These technologists are skilled scientists who perform tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As vital members of the health care team, they assist physicians during the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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BCA Program  is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program which focuses on the utilization of the concepts of information technology to solve organizational problems.

The students will acquire required skills for system development, database and information system design, network design and integration of these skills for problem solving BCA curriculum is flexible enough to meet the student background and career aspiration.

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BBA is a four-year (8 Semester), Bachelor level program of Pokhara University. It prepares students as professional who have knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation to perform competitively in organizations of the modern age.

It equips students to manage business and become effective leaders in today’s competitive workplace. The BBA Course is designed to produce professional managers. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skill in various areas of business.

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BCIS program is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program. The objective of this program is to prepare students who can use the power of computers along with the concepts, tools and techniques of management to solve problems of business and social organization.

The program’s emphasis is on both theoretical and practical aspects of learning management and information technology to enable students to identify and analyze the problems and find their solution effectively and efficiently.

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