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BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program, offered by Pokhara University, is a four-year bachelor’s program divided into 8 semesters of 24 weeks each. Graduation requires successful completion of 126 credit hours, including coursework, project work, and internships. This comprehensive course equips students with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation to excel in business operation management amidst fierce competition. The program emphasizes practical experience through intensive internships in national and international organizations. BBA degree holders can also pursue further studies in management (MBA, MBS, MIM, MTTM, MHM, etc.), Information Systems (MCA, MIT, Library Science, etc.), and related fields.

Message from HOD

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At Crimson College of Technology, we value unity, growth, and collaboration. As the Head of the Management Department, our mission is to foster excellence and prepare future managers and entrepreneurs for success. Our focus is on creating an enriching academic environment with effective teaching and practical application. In addition to comprehensive classroom training, we offer innovative methods like case studies, internships, research opportunities, field visits, and skill development programs. Our experienced and dedicated faculty members guide and inspire our students. Embrace critical thinking, evaluate continuously, and understand cause-and-effect dynamics. Stay focused, avoid distractions, and cultivate wisdom through systematic thinking. Prepare for daily knowledge and embark on this purposeful academic journey.

Mr. Kabiraj Khanal

Head of Department


Contact : 9847550585

Objectives of BBA

The objectives of a BBA program include providing a comprehensive business education, enhancing practical skills, promoting a global perspective, facilitating networking opportunities, preparing students for career advancement, and serving as a pathway for further education.

Scope & Career Prospects of BBA

A BBA degree opens doors to exciting opportunities in various sectors like finance, manufacturing, services, healthcare, education, telecommunications, IT, marketing, media, and construction. Management graduates with a passion for leadership and growth are in high demand. With a BBA degree, individuals can pursue fulfilling careers, drive innovation, and shape the future of businesses.nology.

Course Composition

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 101English I
MTH 101Business Mathematics I
ACC 121Financial Accounting I
MGT 111Principles of Management
MIS 101Computer and IT Applications

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 102English II
MTH 102Business Mathematics II
ACC 122Financial Accounting II
PSY 101General Psychology
ECO 101Introductory Microeconomics

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 201Business Communication I
STT 101Business Statistics
FIN 131Essentials of Finance
SOC 101Fundamentals of Sociology
ECO 201Introductory Macroeconomics

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 202Business Communication II
STT 201Data Analysis and Modeling
MGT 211Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
MKT 241Principles of Marketing
FIN 231Financial Management

Course Code        Course Description
ACC 221Basics of Managerial Accounting
RCH 311Business Research Methods
MGT 314Management of Human Resources
MGT 311Fundamentals of Operations Management
FIN 432Microfinance

Course Code        Course Description
MIS 201Introduction to Management Information Systems
LAW 291Legal Aspects of Business and Technology
MGT 212Business and Society
PRJ 491Project Work
FIN 431Corporate Finance

Course Code        Course Description
MGT 411Business Environment in Nepal
MGT 312Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
INT 391Internship
NBE 392Basic Econometrics
FIN 435Risk Management and Insurance

Course Code        Course Description
MGT 412Strategic Management
MGT 313Introduction to International Business
MIS 301Essentials of e-Business
NBE 394Media and Public Relations
FIN 437Financial Institutions and Markets