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B. Sc. Nursing is a four-year, academic course designed by Pokhara University to meet the challenges of the health care system of the 21st century. The mission of the program is to make valuable contribution to medical care and people’s health. Every year around 1000 science graduates are produced in and around the neighboring districts. The philosophy of Bachelor of Nursing (B.Sc Nursing) program is based on the secondary and tertiary level health care need of people.

Message from HOD

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As the Head of the Department of Nursing, I am thrilled to invite students seeking a transformative education at our esteemed organization and delighted to share the incredible achievements and dedication of our nursing program. Thank you everyone for entrusting us in our educational offerings. Let’s join us on a journey of knowledge, compassion, and innovation in healthcare. Together let’s build a community dedicated to shaping the next generation of compassionate and skilled nursing professionals. Not only we offer a dynamic education but also provide hands – on experience in our state of the art 100 – bed multispecialty hospital and dedicated faculty, we nurture the next generation of healthcare leaders with service excellence, unlock your potential in healthcare; Join our College in fostering a learning environment where theory meets practice, to embark on a journey of knowledge and skill development. Dear nursing students, your commitment to learning and growth is truly commendable. Your pursuit of knowledge and dedication to the nursing profession sets a remarkable example. Keep striving for excellence and remember that your efforts contribute to shaping the future of healthcare. We’re proud to have you in our nursing Program! We explore the boundless opportunities for growth, compassion and skill development, your journey towards a rewarding nursing career starts here. Best wishes for your future endeavors!!

Mrs. Nira Neupane

Head of Department


Contact : 9847020100

Objectives of B.Sc.Nursing

•Utilize evidence based nursing practice in terms of providing preventive, promotive and therapeutic nursing care to individuals, groups, families and communities.
•Instill professional ethics and standards as an essential component of practice.
•offer nursing care to patients with a range of age groups and a variety of physical and mental health issues competently.
•Demonstrate having knowledge in nursing leadership & management, national health care policy.
•Develop skills in conducting research studies of different problems related to health and nursing.
•Demonstrate positive attitude towards socio- cultural values and norms of individuals in meeting their health needs.

Scope & Career Prospects of B.Sc.Nursing

After completing this course, students will be qualified to apply for registration with the Nepal Nursing Council (NNC), which will allow them to work as registered nurses in different level of government and non-government healthcare institutions, including hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers, nursing colleges, and schools etc. The B.Sc. nursing candidates can work directly with local communities and organizations in a variety of roles, such as those of health educator, direct care provider, researcher, planner, supervisor, evaluator etc. Generally speaking, graduates are capable of performing the duties of a number of healthcare positions, including clinical care provider, basic level investigator, and nursing officer. Additionally, B.Sc. nursing graduates are free to pursue master’s level studies anywhere in the world after completing their program.

Course Composition

Course CodeSubjectCredit Hours
BSN 111Anatomy and Physiology(T)6
BSN 112Microbiology & Immunology(T)3
BSN 113Biochemistry(T)3
BSN 114Pharmacology(T)3
BSN 115Pathophysiology(T)3
BSN 151Integrated Basic Science(P)3
BSN 116Foundation of Nursing(T)9
BSN 156Foundation of Nursing(P)20
BSN 117Nutrition & Dietetics(T)3
BSN 118Community Health Nursing I (T)5
BSN 158Community Health Nursing I (P)4
Course Code Subject Credit Hours
BSN 211 Community Health Nursing II (T) 6
BSN 251 Community Health Nursing II (P) 5
BSN 212 Basic Epidemiology 3
BSN 213 Medical Surgical Nursing I (T) 6
BSN 214 Medical Surgical Nursing II (T) 6
BSN 215 Geriatric Nursing (T) 3
BSN 252 Medical Surgical & Geriatric Nursing(P) 22
BSN 216 Nursing Concepts & Theories(T) 6
BSN 217 Social & Behavioral Science(T) 3
Total 60
Course Code Subject Credit Hours
BSN 311 Midwifery I(T) 6
BSN 312 Midwifery II (T) 6
BSN 313 Midwifery III (T) 6
BSN 351 Midwifery I, II & III (P) 20
BSN 314 Pediatric Nursing (T) 6
BSN 352 Pediatric Nursing (P) 7
BSN 315 Mental Health Nursing(T) 5
BSN 353 Mental Health Nursing (P) 4
BSN 316 Gynecological Nursing(T) 3
BSN 354 Gynecological Nursing(P) 2
Total 67
Course Code Subject Credit Hours
BSN 411 Leadership & Management(T) 6
BSN 412 Health Economics in Nursing(T) 3
BSN 451 Leadership & Management(P) 12
BSN 413 Education Science(T) 6
BSN 453 Education Science(P) 5
BSN 414 Nursing Research (T) 6
BSN 415 Nursing Research(P/Thesis) 9
BSN 416 Biostatistics(T) 3
Total 50