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BCSIT (Bachelor of Computer System & Information Technology)

The BCSIT (Bachelor of Computer System & Information Technology) program at Pokhara University is a four-year blend of Information Technology and Business Management. It equips students with skills in analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining business systems. The program consists of 126 credit hours .
By enrolling in BCSIT, you’ll gain exposure to contemporary management concepts, critical issues, and best practices, while simultaneously honing your information systems and technology skills necessary to develop a robust management information system.

Message from HOD

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Dear students, As the Department Head of IT at Crimson College, I proudly announce our 20-year journey shaping the future of BCA BCIS & BCSIT students. With unwavering commitment, we've fostered academic excellence, consistently achieving remarkable results. At Crimson College, we nurture holistic development, unlocking your boundless potential. Join us on a transformative journey, unveiling extraordinary possibilities.

Mr. Abdul Hak

Head of Department