Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (B. Pharmacy)

B.Pharmacy Program  is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program that prepares students with the skills and knowledge effective delivery of pharmaceutical care and the ability to proceed to research. It helps to make Pharmacists concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control.

Among the Health Care Professionals, Pharmacist has the key role not only in manufacturing, quality control, storage and dispensing of drugs but also in patient counseling, clinical therapeutic drug monitoring and Hospital Pharmacy.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must have completed 10+2, PCL (science stream) or its equivalent with minimum of 50% from a recognized board or university.

Career Opportunities:

Various Career options after completing B.Pharmacy

  • Pharmacist
  • Medical Transcription
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Quality Assurance / Control Manager
  • Teaching
  • Production
  • Research and Development

Our Pharmacy Lab is designed with modern state-of-art facility. There are various modern machines and large stocks of chemicals needed for practical experiments.

Course Structure:

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Pharmaceutics I Pharmaceutics II Pharmaceutics III Pharmaceutics IV
Pharmaceutical Chemistry I Biochemistry Anatomy and Physiology III Pharmaceutics V
Pharmaceutical Chemistry II Anatomy and Physiology II Pharmaceutical Microbiology Pharmacognosy III
Pharmacognosy I Pharmaceutical Chemistry III Immunology Pharmacology I
Mathematics Molecular Cell Biology Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV Pharmaceutical Chemistry V
Anatomy and Physiology I Biostatistics and Computer Application Pharmacognosy II Pharmacognosy IV
Pharmaceutical Laboratory 1 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 4 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 7 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 10
Pharmaceutical Laboratory 2 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 5 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 8 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 11
Pharmaceutical Laboratory 3 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 6 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 9 Pharmaceutical Laboratory 12
Pharmaceutical Seminar 1 Parmaceutical Seminar 2 Pharmaceutical Seminar 3

Semester V Semester VI Semester VII Semester VIII
Pharmaceutics VI Pharmaceutics VIII Pharmaceutics XI Pharmacy Practice
Pharmaceutics VII Pharmaceutics IX Pharmaceutics XII Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
Pharmacology II Pharmacology III Pharmacology IV Reseaarch Project Work
Medicinal Chemistry I Pharmaceutics X Social and Public Health Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Chemistry VI Medicinal Chemistry II Pharmacognosy VI
Pharmacognosy V Pharmaceutical Management and Entrepreneurship Research Methodology
Pharmaceitical Laboratory 13 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 16 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 19
Pharmaceitical Laboratory 14 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 17 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 20
Pharmaceitical Laboratory 15 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 18 Pharmaceitical Laboratory 21
Pharmaceutical Seminar 4 Pharmaceutical Seminar 5 Pharmaceutical Seminar 6