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B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

B.Pharmacy (Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Program is a four-year (8 Semester) academic program that prepares students with the skills and knowledge effective delivery of pharmaceutical care and the ability to proceed to research. It helps to make Pharmacists concerned with production of pharmaceutical products, development of the methods or processes of production and quality control.

Among the Health Care Professionals, Pharmacist has the key role not only in manufacturing, quality control, storage and dispensing of drugs but also in patient counseling, clinical therapeutic drug monitoring and Hospital Pharmacy.

Message from HOD

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As the Department Head of B.Pharmacy Program at Crimson College, I am delighted to announce our illustrious journey in shaping the future of B.Pharmacy students. Over the course of 20 years, we have been dedicated to fostering academic excellence and consistently achieving remarkable results. Crimson College is committed to nurturing your holistic development and unlocking your limitless potential. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey with us, where you will discover extraordinary possibilities in the field of Health Sciences. Join our esteemed department and be a part of our legacy of excellence in medical education.

Mr. Mukesh Kumar Chaudhary

Head of Department


Contact : 9847047000

Objectives of B.Pharmacy

The objectives of the B.Pharmacy program are to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical sciences, develop their skills for safe medication dispensing, foster ethical and professional responsibilities, enhance critical thinking and communication abilities, promote research and innovation, instill a commitment to lifelong learning, and prepare them for diverse career opportunities in pharmacy. Overall, the program aims to produce competent pharmacists who can contribute effectively to the healthcare system and improve patient outcomes.

Scope & Career Prospects of B.Pharmacy

B.Pharmacy graduates in Nepal have promising scope and career prospects. With the expanding healthcare industry and increasing demand for quality pharmaceutical products and services, there is a need for skilled professionals in this field. Graduates can pursue diverse career paths, including working in retail or hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, research and development organizations, regulatory bodies, and academia. They can serve as pharmacists, pharmaceutical sales representatives, quality control analysts, formulation scientists, or regulatory affairs professionals.

Course Composition

S.N   Course Description
1.Pharmaceutics I
2.Pharmaceutical Chemistry I
3.Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
4.Pharmacognosy I
6.Anatomy and Physiology I
7.Pharmaceutical Laboratory 1
8.Pharmaceutical Laboratory 2
9.Pharmaceutical Laboratory 3
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics II
2. Biochemistry
3. Anatomy and Physiology II
4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry III
5. Molecular Cell Biology
6. Biostatistics and Computer Application
7. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 4
8. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 5
9. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 6
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 1
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics III
2. Anatomy and Physiology III
3. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
4. Immunology
5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry IV
6. Pharmacognosy II
7. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 7
8. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 8
9. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 9
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 2
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics IV
2. Pharmaceutics V
3. Pharmacognosy III
4. Pharmacology I
5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry V
6. Pharmacognosy IV
7. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 10
8. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 11
9. Pharmaceutical Laboratory 12
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 3
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics VI
2. Pharmaceutics VII
3. Pharmacology II
4. Medicinal Chemistry I
5. Pharmaceutical Chemistry VI
6. Pharmacognosy V
7. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 13
8. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 14
9. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 15
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 4
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics VIII
2. Pharmaceutics IX
3. Pharmacology III
4. Pharmaceutics X
5. Medicinal Chemistry II
6. Pharmaceutical Management and Entrepreneurship
7. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 16
8. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 17
9. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 18
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 5
S.N Course Description
1. Pharmaceutics XI
2. Pharmaceutics XII
3. Pharmacology IV
4. Social and Public Health Pharmacy
5. Pharmacognosy VI
6. Research Methodology
7. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 19
8. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 20
9. Pharmaceitical Laboratory 21
10. Pharmaceutical Seminar 6
S.NCourse Description
1.Pharmacy Practice
2.Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence
3.Research Project Work