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BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) is a 4-year bachelor program offered by Pokhara University, comprising 8 semesters of 24 weeks each. It equips students with professional skills in computer education and management, catering to the demands of the ever-evolving field of computer technology. The program provides a balanced mix of IT and management knowledge, covering areas such as organizational management, system development, software development, network and system administration. Our BCA graduates have excelled in various roles, including software development, IT officers, teaching positions, and entrepreneurship ventures. Furthermore, BCA degree-holders can transfer credits abroad and pursue master’s programs in Management and IT, such as MCA, MIT, MCIS, MIS, and MBA.

Message from HOD

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Dear students, As the Department Head of IT at Crimson College, I proudly announce our 20-year journey shaping the future of BCA BCIS & BCSIT students. With unwavering commitment, we've fostered academic excellence, consistently achieving remarkable results. At Crimson College, we nurture holistic development, unlocking your boundless potential. Join us on a transformative journey, unveiling extraordinary possibilities.

Mr. Abdul Hak

Head of Department


Contact : 9847275319

Objectives of BCA

Our goal is to develop skilled professionals in computer applications, fostering excellence in programming and software development. We provide comprehensive knowledge of diverse tools and techniques, enabling students to create innovative solutions for technical challenges in various sectors. Additionally, our strong foundation prepares students for further studies at renowned institutions like MIT, MBA, MCA, and more.

Scope & Career Prospects of BCA

The field of opportunities for BCA graduates in Nepal and worldwide is lush and vibrant. With a wide array of prospects available, ranging from IT positions to data scientists and application and game developers, the realm of possibilities is vast. In addition, database managers enjoy substantial opportunities and are rewarded generously with impressive paychecks. Moreover, the ever-evolving industry beckons Android and iOS app developers, who are among the creative minds shaping the future of technology.

Course Composition

Course Code       Course Description
ENG 121English I
MTH 131Mathematics I
ELX 141Digital Logic Systems
CMP 112Programming Logic & Techniques
CMP 111Computer Fundamental and Applications

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 122Business & Technical Communication
MTH 132Mathematics II
ACC 121Financial Accounting I
CMP 113Programming Language in C
ELX 142Fundamental of Electrical & Electronics
PRJ 151Project I

Course Code        Course Description
CMP211Object Oriented Programming in C++
CMP212Data Structure & Algorithms
CMP213System Analysis & Design
ACC 221Financial Accounting II
ELX 241Microprocessor

Course Code        Course Description
CMP 215Operating System
MTH231Numerical Method
CMP214Visual Programming
CMP 216Database Management System
CMP 271Computer Graphics & Multimedia
PRJ 251Project II

Course Code        Course Description
CMP 311Computer Architecture
CMP 413Java Programming
CMP 313Web Technology I
CMP 314Mathematical Foundation for Computer Science
CMP 315Software Engineering

Course Code        Course Description
MGT 421Organization & Management
STT 331Probability & Statistics
CMP 312Data Communication & Networks
CMP 318Web Technology II
ECO 321Applied Economics
PRJ 351Project III

Course Code        Course Description
CMP 317Linux
CMP 411E-Business
CMP 412Simulation & Modeling
Dot Net Programming
INT 461Internship

Course Code        Course Description
CMP 316Mangement Information System
CMP 414Mobile Technologies
Advance Database in PL/SQL
PRJ 451Project IV