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BCIS (Bachelor of Computer Information System )

The BCIS (Bachelor of Computer Information System ) program at Pokhara University is a four-year blend of Information Technology and Business Management. It equips students with skills in analyzing, designing, developing, and maintaining business systems. The program consists of 124 credit hours and focuses on database design, coding languages, marketing, accounting, e-commerce, software, network administration, and resource management. Students learn to utilize computer systems and digital databases to solve business problems. To enhance students’ IT competency, Crimson offers Non-Credit Courses that provide additional IT knowledge beyond the program’s requirements and industry demands.

Message from HOD

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Dear students, As the Department Head of IT at Crimson College, I proudly announce our 20-year journey shaping the future of BCA BCIS & BCSIT students. With unwavering commitment, we've fostered academic excellence, consistently achieving remarkable results. At Crimson College, we nurture holistic development, unlocking your boundless potential. Join us on a transformative journey, unveiling extraordinary possibilities.


Head of Department

Objectives of BCIS

The objectives of the BCSIT program are to provide a unique blend of IT and Business Management, develop students’ knowledge and skills in analyzing and designing business systems, and prepare them for successful careers in the IT and business sectors. The curriculum aligns with industry demands and includes courses in database design, coding languages, marketing, accounting, e-commerce, software, network administration, and resource management. The program also offers Non-Credit Courses to enhance students’ IT knowledge. Additionally, our strong foundation prepares students for further studies at renowned institutions like MCIS, MBA, MCA, and more.

Scope & Career Prospects of BCIS

The career prospects of BCSIT graduates are promising, with diverse job opportunities in IT and business sectors. Their unique blend of IT knowledge and business acumen makes them valuable assets in organizations, leading to career progression and entrepreneurial possibilities. BCIS graduates can work globally and stay competitive by continuously updating their skills. Overall, BCIS offers exciting possibilities in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Course Composition

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 101English I
MTH 103Mathematics I
PSY 101General Psychology
ECO 101Introductory Microeconomics
MGT 111Principles of Management
CMP 161Programming Language

Course Code        Course Description
ENG 102English II
MTH 104Mathematics II
ECO 201Introductory Macroeconomics
CMP 162Digital Systems
CMP 163Object Oriented Language (Java)

Course Code        Course Description
STT 101Business Statistics
CMP 264Numerical Methods
CMP 261System Analysis and Design
SOC 101Fundamentals of Sociology
CMP 263Computer Architecture and Microprocessor

Course Code        Course Description
STT 201Data Analysis and Modeling
ACC 121Financial Accounting I
CMP 262Database Management System
MGT 211Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior
CMP 265Internet Technology (Web Programming)
PRJ 291Minor Project I

Course Code        Course Description
FIN 133Fundamentals of Financial Management
CMP 361Operating Systems
CMP 362Data Communications and Networks
MKT 241Principles of Marketing
CMP 363Advance Programming (Java)

Course Code        Course Description
RCH 311Business Research Methods
MGT 311Fundamentals of Operations Management
CMP 365Electronic Commerce(Programming)
CMP 366Computer Graphics and Image Processing
CMP 367Data Structure and Algorithms
PRJ 391Minor Project II

Course Code        Course Description
CMP 461Information System Security
CMP 462IT Project Management
MGT 314Management of Human Resources
INT 393Internship
CMP 471Dot Net Technology

Course Code        Course Description
MGT 412Strategic Management
CMP 464Digital Economy
LAW 291Legal Aspects of Business and Technology
CMP 469Mobile Computing-Programming
PRJ 493Major Project